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- Betrayal

Twist of Fate is the first episode of Half-Blood Villain


(Wildermort): Foolish Muggle! You dare stand in my way?

(Muggle): What do you want with our village.

(Wildermort): Excellent question. To see your horrified faces. Where is Potter?

(Muggle): We will not let you enter the village to attack our leader!

(Wildermort): Oh, yes, I forgotten, Albus, Ronald, Hermione were all killed by our Death Eaters. (chuckles)

The Muggle throws a spear at Wildermort, but Wildermort easily vaporises it

(Wildermort): Foolish one! (kills the Muggle)

(Muggle): What do you desire of us?

(Wildermort): Harry Potter!

(Muggle): He is not here. He is destroying your organisation!

(Wildermort): I should have known! (teleports away)