The Oliver Dursley series is a spin off to the Number 1 New York Times best seller, Harry Potter. It features Dudley's son as he is born a half blood. The series plans to span into numerous books, and the first one has been confirmed in the making of a movie.

The books concern Oliver Dursley, who is Dudley's son born as a half blood, who happens to be related to one of the most legendary people wizards and witches alike have ever known. It tells a tale of him going off to Hogwarts with his cousins (Harry's two sons and daughter, and Ron's daughter and son)

Title of SeriesEdit

The following is a list of names of each book in the series.

  1. Oliver Dursley's Odyssey

The rest of the names have been unconfirmed.

Main Protagonists and AntagonistsEdit

  • Oliver Dursley
  • James Potter
  • Albus Potter
  • Adeline Borale (Dursley)
  • Dudley Dursley
  • (Main Antagonist name unconfirmed)
  • (Unnamed Voldemort Descendant Group)