Half-Blood Villain is a novel series by Maximus Loo2012.


  • Leo Howard as Wildermort

Wildermort Riddle is a descendant of Tom Riddle, born in 2000, two years after Tom died. He is a half blood wizard but is weaker than Voldemort. He has fought the Order of the Phoenix before, though he was unable to defeat them on his own. He was formerly part of the Death Eaters, but left them when he joined the Order of the Phoenix.

  • Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

Now alone, after a tragedy killed his friends, Harry fought Wildermort twice in the past, like when he was still in the Death Eaters and when Harry tested him to see if he was worthy of the Order of the Phoenix. Both times, Harry lost to him individually.


Novel Number Novel Name Summary
1 Twist of Fate The Death Eaters are disbanded when most of its members are killed in a surprise attack by Harry Potter.
2 Betrayal Wildermort Riddle joins the Order of the Phoenix and Potter tests him to see if he is worthy of the Order.