The Duelling Club is a new feature in HP Fanfiction Wiki. You may only duel when a Prefect or Teacher is with you.


Each wand has 100 HP. Prefect Wands have 115. Teachers have 130. Headmaster, 145.

Spells Able To Use

Expelliarmus - Disables the Opponent's ability to attack for a minute.

Stupefy - The opponent gets kicked and loses 50 HP.

Incendio - Conjures flames that take 40 HP from opponent.

Aguamenti - Conjures a stream of water that can take 15 HP from opponent and nullifies Incendio.

Reducto - Takes 40 HP from opponent.

Crucio - Takes 50 HP from opponent.

'Protego 'Nullifies the next and current spell.

If any spell that you can think of, please post at the Duelling Registration Board.

Duelling Club Format Speaking

This is how you put your battle on log.

Example: InsideSpace'sMind versus Example.1st. Use Code/preformatted type.

On Chat below:

Prefect: Duel starts in 3.2.1 DUEL!!!!                                   9:00

Example: Reducto!                                                        9:00                       

Prefect: Example's Reductor Curse flies at ISM. Can he block it?         9:01

InsideSpace'sMind: Protego!                                              9:01

Prefect: An invisible shield shoots from ISM's wand, rebounding the Reductor Curse at Example.                                                          9:02

Prefect: Example Health Points depleted to 60 HP.                        9:02

InsideSpace'sMind: Stupefy!                                              9:02

~ Example has been kicked by Prefect ~                                   9:03

Example has joined the HP Fanfiction Wiki Chat                           9:04

Prefect: Example Health Points depleted to 10 HP.                        9:04


Registrated People

  1. Headmaster - Elder Wand - 145 HP
  2. Spiral - Unknown Wand - 115 HP